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SYTA Membership

This page provides information on:

Types of SYTA membership

There are three types of SYTA membership:

Full membership

Full membership is open to all persons who:

  • teach yoga in the Satyananda Yoga tradition and are resident in Australia,
  • agree to abide by the SYTA Code of Ethics and Code of Practice, and
  • have a former Satyananda Yoga Academy (SYA) issued Diploma (or equivalent) and/or have a former SYA issued level 2 Certificate (or equivalent).

The diploma teacher training offered by the former Satyananda Yoga Academy has been adopted as the minimum entry requirement for all Satyananda Yoga teachers resident in Australia who wish to join SYTA as a full member.

For those who do not hold the former SYA Diploma or level 2 certificate, equivalence will be determined by SYTA.

Benefits of full membership

  • Subsidies to host or attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities
    More details
  • Opportunities to attend CPD workshops and activities at a discounted cost
  • Subsidy to develop specialised teaching expertise and offer a service to your community
    More details
  • Dual membership agreement with Yoga Australia allows SYTA members to join Yoga Australia under a bulk arrangement with SYTA.
    More details
  • An individual web-page for each member to advertise their yoga classes and programmes
  • Quarterly newsletter and monthy e-bulletin with events, notices and articles for yoga teachers. Contributions and advertisements welcome.
  • Access to the Members’ only section including policies and information
  • Availability of appropriate insurance at a competitive price
  • Clear ethical and professional guidelines in your yoga teaching activities
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM ) - full members have voting rights at the AGM
  • Opportunity to join the SYTA Management Committee and the SYTA Ethics Committee
  • Support, recognition and networking opportunities as part of the professional organisation

To join SYTA as a full member

  1. Read the SYTA Code of Ethics and Code of Practice
  2. Complete SYTA Full Membership Application.(Only do so if you have NOT BEEN A MEMBER BEFORE or HAVE NOT BEEN A MEMBER FOR AT LEAST 12 MONTHS).

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Associate membership

Associate membership is open to:

  • Persons living in Australia who do not meet the full membership criteria but who do support the aims of SYTA
  • Teachers living outside Australia who are Diploma graduates from the former Satyananda Yoga Academy (Australia) and other verifiable Satyananda system of yoga trained teachers

Benefits of associate membership

  • Opportunities to attend Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops and activities at a discounted cost
  • Quarterly newsletter and monthy e-bulletin with events, notices and articles for yoga teachers. Contributions and advertisement welcome.
  • Access to the Members’ only section including policies and information
  • Access to the SYTA website, including the Members’-only section which includes an online Directory of Members, past SYTA newsletters and a Members’ forum
  • Opportunities to attend professional development workshops and activities at a discounted cost
  • Support, recognition and networking opportunities as part of the professional organisation representing Satyananda Yoga teachers in Australia
  • Information by email about SYTA activities and an invitation to our Annual General Meeting

To join SYTA as an associate member

Complete SYTA Associate Membership Application(Only do so if you are NOT A MEMBER ALREADY).

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Retired membership

Current full members of SYTA who have not been teaching yoga classes or conducting yoga programs for at least 12 months, may apply to become Retired Full Members of SYTA via the annual renewal process, and this will be effective from the 1st of July of that year.

Standard full members seeking to become Retired members would be expected to make a Statement of Intent that they are not intending to teach yoga classes or programs in the foreseeable future.

View Retired Members policy (only accessible to full members) - login required

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Membership fees

Annual membership fees are:

  • $70 for full members
  • $50 for associate members
  • $40 for retired members

In 2017 an early bird deduction of $10 is available for membership renewals from 15th May until 31st May inclusive.
Joining fee of $40 applies to new members.
An administrative charge of $40.00 is applicable to rejoin SYTA after allowing membership to lapse.

Note: All fees are in Australian Dollars and payments made to SYTA from outside Australia must be made in Australian dollars via PayPal.

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Payment options

Payment option Details

PayPal payments are available through our shop.

It is NOT necessary that you hold a PayPal account.
You can use credit or debit card to pay via PayPal gateway.

EFT and
other legal tender
On application only. Write to to ask for special consideration.

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Important dates

The annual membership period is from 1st July until 30th June the following year.

Renewal commences in April /May each year and concludes by the 30th June. To remain a SYTA member renewal must be completed by this date.

An audit of CPD for 10% of the membership is held each year in August - September.

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Lapsed membership

If a member fails to renew membership for the current SYTA year by 30th September of that year then membership will lapse as per SYTA Rules.

LAPSE OF MEMBERSHIP (changed 31-7-2010)

10. (1) Membership of SYTA will be deemed to have lapsed if that member or associate member does not pay their annual membership fee for the current financial year on or before the 30th September of that year, except at the discretion of the committee in exceptional circumstances.

10 . (2) Membership lapsing in accordance with Part III 10 (1) is deemed to have lapsed on 1st October of the current financial year.

If a person wishes to rejoin SYTA either as a Full or Associate member then an Administrative fee of $50.00 is to be added to the annual fee payable (this was approved by the SYTA Committee on 24th June 2012)

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Fee concession policy

SYTA has adopted a policy that no member is to be excluded from any SYTA activity (including membership) because of financial hardship and that a statement be included in our public documentation to this effect.

The SYTA Management Committee has established fees for membership, membership renewal and for Professional Development (PD) days, including early-bird prices. Any request for special consideration in regard to these fees must be sent to the SYTA Secretary in writing (email or letter).

The Secretary will then forward the request to the SYTA Executive. The decision made by the Executive will be confidential and binding. The decision will be communicated to the person making the request and to the PD Committee, if relevant.

View Fee concession policy

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More information for members

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