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Latest EVENTS bulletin



Emotional Wellbeing, Meditation & Yoga with Swami Nivedita 
Date: Sunday 18th March 10am to 4pm 
T: 08 8339 8443 

Mt Martha 
Havan, Kirtan and Satsang with Swami Karma Karuna & Swami Shakti Mudra 
Wonderful opportunity to connect with the SYTA sangha 
Date: Saturday 24th March 4.30pm Havan, 7pm Evening program at Mt Martha House 
Venue: Check with Swami Suryamurti for venue details & times 
T: 03 5974 1288 

Mt Martha 
Yoga Nidra – Deepening the Relaxation Response with Swami Karma Karuna 6PD pts 
Explore the practice and science of Yoga Nidra. Understanding the relaxation response, the adrenal glands & pratyahara. Professional Development and Personal Nourishment for Yoga teachers, health professionals and students 
Date: 9am - 4pm Sunday 25th March 
Venue: Mt Martha House 
T: Atmadarshan 0438 743 087 

Cranebrook, Western Sydney 
Yoga Day – incorporating yoga into daily life with Swami Shakti Mudra 6 PD pts 
Applying yoga practices and principles in daily life, including Swami Sivananda’s “ities”. 
APMB class, Yoga Nidra with Sankalpa, Meditation. 
Date: Sunday 17th June 10am to 4pm and Havan & Kirtan 4-5pm 
Venue: Cranebrook School Hall 
T: Judy Morgan Karmashakti 0402 314 726 

Yantras with Rishi Yoga Diwali 6 PD pts 
Date: Sunday 24th June 9.30am to 4.30pm 
T: 0448 87 9642 


Near Dorrigo 
Yoga in Nature Retreat with Swami Shakti Mudra 12PD pts 
Take time away from technology. Retreat, relax and restore in nature. 
Date: 20-22April 
Venue: Contact Shakti for details, half way between Armidale & Coffs Harbour 
T: 0448 87 9642 


Rocklyn Ashram 

Yoga & Meditation- Conscious Breathing for a Quieter Mind 
Date: 16-18 March 

Yoga & Meditation- Easter Retreat – Inner Centring with Swami Atmamuktananda and Swami Anandakumar 
Date: 30 March-2 April 

Power of Awareness - 9 day Meditation Retreat with Swami Anandakumar 
Date: 7-15 April 

Yoga for Trauma Recovery with Sw Ahimsadhara 
Date: 27- 29 April 

Yoga & Meditation - Setting a New Direction 
Date: 4-6 May 

Healing Power of Meditation – Dr Craig Hassed 
Date: 18-20 May 

Intro to Kriya Yoga with Swami Premshakti 
Date: 1-3 June 

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat with Swami Atmamuktananda 
Date: 8-11 June 

Yoga & Meditation – Mind Body Approach 
Date: 15-17 June 

Yoga & Meditation – The Koshas and Prana 
Date: 29 June to 1 July 

Tattwa Shuddhi with Swami Atmamuktananda 
Date: 22-22 July 

Sadhana Retreat for sincere aspirants of Satyananda system of yoga 
Date: 30 September – 4 October 2018 

Navaratri Sadhana Retreat 
Date: 8 to 18 October 2018

Special Courses in the Satyananda system of yoga! 
Dimensions of Yoga Series 
Understanding the mind, strategies for living a balanced life.
The course will unfold in an integrated balanced way, with a straightforward light touch to both theory and practice, according to the Satyananda system of Yoga. Focused on developing sadhana, this course explores the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with a down to earth twist. Dimensions of Yoga Modules are each self contained and may be taken in any order.
12 week study course developed by Swami Vimalratna.
Dates: 21 – 28 September 2018 for residential at Rocklyn Ashram supported home practice and theory. With a concluding residential weekend 14-16 December. 
Full Immersion option available to stay at Rocklyn Ashram.

Yoga Nidra Instructors’ Course with Swami Vimalratna & Swami Madhuramurti 
Dates: A week long residential 19 - 26 October 2018 
Six weeks part time consolidation 
Concluding weekend 7- 9 December 

Living Consciously Retreats 
1 week to 1 month 
Alternative Way of Life: The purpose of Yoga and Ashram Life for Personal Self Transformation: to lift our minds from its present agitations and wasteful tendencies towards a greater goal of ample joy and fuller wisdom. 

Another opportunity to earn CPD points.... 
Invitation to all Satyananda Trained Yoga Teachers & Initiates - come for 1 week free of charge. 
The skills and expertise of both teachers and initiates at Rocklyn would be greatly appreciated. It's also an opportunity for teachers and initiates to be part of Ashram life and to support the Ashram. 
Teachers could utilise their teacher free week as part of their stay. Note, the week stay can be taken in two parts (3 days/4 days). 
Some courses at Rocklyn Ashram are with 10% discount for SYTA Members. Please quote your SYTA membership number when booking. 
T: 03 5345 7434 

Western Creek 
Yoga Day by Day with Swami Ahimsadhara 
Developing Yoga Sadhana 
Date: 6-8 April 
Venue: Atma Darshan Yoga Centre, Western Creek, Northern Tasmania 
E: or
T: 03 63678241 / 0497 025 308 / 0474 321 784 

"Darlington", Maria Island National Park 
Yoga & Lino cutting/watercolour with Suzie Donkers and Penny Walton 
Description Art classes, gentle Yoga classes, delicious food and free time to explore the island. 
Date: 13th to 15th April 2018 
Venue: The old Penitentiary and Chapel 
T: 0429 238 956 

Killiekrankie, Flinders Island 
Simplicity by the Sea 
Meditation & Yoga Retreat with Swami Nivedita Saraswati 
The retreat will be deeply restful ~ releasing participants from day to day pressures & responsibilities & inspiring a fresh vision of deeper treasures & unique strengths. Enjoying the magnificent natural beauty effortlessly resonates with our sense of wonder & deeply nourishes the heart & soul. 
Date: mid April 2018 
T: 08 8339 8443 

Alice Springs 
Power of Awareness - 7 day Meditation Retreat with Swami Anandakumar 
Date: 4-11 May 
T: 0412 179 957 



Hamilton North Island
Power of Awareness - 5 day Meditation Retreat with Swami Anandakumar 
Date: 31 May - 5 June 2018 
E: Kailash or Chintamani 

Golden Bay 
Anahata Yoga Retreat 
Transformative Chanting Retreat at Navaratri with Sn Atmavidya
Join this powerful 8 Day Chanting Meditation Immersion through the time of Navaratri. Sacred sounds, mantra, chanting, meditation and yoga to purify and inspire. 
Date: 18 - 26 Mar 

Igniting the Inner Fire with Swami Karma Karuna & Sn Atmabhava 
Meditation and yoga practices to increase vital energy and balance the digestive fire. Learn the power of the Manipura chakra, your navel energy centre, and how to balance it to enhance health and vitality. An Easter Weekend retreat. 
Date: 30 Mar – 2 Apr 

Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga Instructors Training with Sw Karma Karuna and Specialist Teachers 
9-Day residential - Total 100 Hours - including 3 months training package, or a personal retreat option (5 days). A professional development course designed for yoga teachers, health and education professionals and or anybody interested in a yogic immersion focused on relaxation techniques. 5 Day Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga Immersion option available. 
Date: 14 - 22 Apr (9 day option) or 14 – 19 Apr (5 day option) 

Explore Your "Self" Retreat with Swami Karma Karuna 
Active immersion in the daily life of a yoga retreat through Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Karma Yoga, Mantra and group discussions imbued with daily themes to encourage self-connection. Or stay on for our 6 week Yogic Life Skills program. 
Dates: 30 Apr – 6 May, 11 – 17 Jun 

Yogic Life Skills Retreat – 4 weeks with Sw Karma Karuna 
Further your yogic journey with this 4 week easy-entry path in to a more conscious lifestyle. It begins with the 7 day Explore Your ‘Self’ Retreat, and continues with a residential 3 week stay of yogic lifestyle learning and experience. 
Date: 30 Apr – 27 May, 11 Jun – 8 Jul

Mother's Weekend Yoga Refresh with Swami Karma Karuna 
Treat yourself and come to enjoy Anahata's spectacular natural environment, nourishing food, low technology environment, and yoga and relaxation practices to refresh and relax over the Mother's Day weekend. 
Date: 11 - 14 May 

For more details on any of these New Zealand retreats please contact: 
T: 64 3 525 9887 

Hawaiian Odyssey with Linda Nugent & Vicki Neville (Sunshine Coast) 
8 day retreat -4 days on Oahu and 4 on Big Island. Yoga daily, swim with spinner dolphins, snorkling, labryinth walk, visit volcano, champagne pools and relax on the beach. 
Date: 2-10 June 2018 
Venue: Oahu and Big Island,Hawaii 
T: 0402 937 761 

Relax, Rejuvenate, Rejoice ~ Bali Yoga Retreat with Chetana Meehan 
A spiritual yoga retreat in beautiful Bali promises blissful relaxation for your body, mind, and soul... 
Date: 15 - 22 April 2018 
Venue: Gaia Oasis 
T: 0435 549 108 

Ubud and Uluwatu 
Let Go and Trust with Linda Nugent 
Yoga twice daily, culture of Bali, traditional markets, Balinese massage, singing bowl meditation, Kirtan and relaxation by the pool. 
Date: 4-11th August 2018 
Venue: Bali 
T: 0402 937 761 

India Retreat 
Date: 7 October to 8 November from Kolkata 
Fully guided journey to the home of yoga, in India, exploring and expanding yourself whilst immersed in Indian culture and spiritual practice in a traditional ashram settings. 
The full package 7th October to includes: 

Chakra Sadhana at Rikhiapeeth 
Deepen your knowledge of Kundalini Yoga and learn how the chakras influence your personality, health and mind during asana, pranayama and meditation sessions. Integrate into a powerful Navaratri chanting program as an added extra. 

Visit to Bihar School of Yoga in Munger 

Prana Vidya at Rikhiapeeth 
Prana (energy) Vidya (knowledge) is an ancient and powerful psychic practice dealing with the system of prana for healing and spiritual awakening. Experience the scientific and esoteric aspects of the subtle breath and body, including practical techniques for awakening the energetic fields. 

The grand finale is Diwali, the celebration of light, an opportunity to connect with the inner luminosity and experience the joy of India aglow with thousands of flickering lights. 
E: Atmabhava
T: 64 3 525 9887 

Ongoing SYTA Networking Opportunities

Havan and Kirtan: 

New South Wales 
Dundurrabin (near Dorrigo) 
Shakti Darshan 
2nd Saturday of month 2.15pm to 4.30pm 
T: 0448 879 642 

Coffs Coast 
last Saturday of month 4.45pm to 7pm or 8.30pm 
E: Andrew / Usha 

Wagga Wagga 
Havan and Kirtan most Saturday evenings 
Contact Vimalratna for details 
T: 0466 278 146

Australian Capital Territory 
The ACT Yoga and Meditation Centre, 
2 Cockle Street, O'Connor 
1st Friday of month 7.15pm for 7.30pm start 
T: 0439 884 458 

Victoria Point, Bayside 
monthly 4.30pm to 6pm 
email for details 
T: 07 3207 7366 

South Australia 
Mahamrityunjaya Healing Mantra 
Every Saturday 12noon to 1pm 
Kirtan 7 to 8.30pm Friday 
T: 08 8339 8443 

Chanting Chai Kirtan 
Mahamrityunjaya healing mantra & kirtan. 
Date: 2nd Saturday of the month 6.30 to 9pm 
Venue: South Hobart Yoga & Meditation, 14 Weld St, South Hobart 
T: 0474 321 784 

Western Creek 
Havan, Kirtan, Nada Yoga 
Date: 31st March 
Venue: Atmadarshan Yoga Centre 
T: 6367 8187 

Mt Martha 
Monthly Full Moon Havan Meditation and Kirtan 
Dates: Check for dates
Venue: Check for venue details 
T: 03 5974 1288

Western Australia 
Mount Lawley 
Mahamrityunjaya & Kirtan 
2nd Saturday of month 5.30pm to 8pm 
T: 0419 872 715

Other PD Opportunities: 

Date for the diary 
SYTA AGM Sunday 30 September 2018

Online Via SYTA Website: 
Teaching Yoga for Addictions & Recovery - 4 PD pts 
….see link on SYTA Members page. 

Dr Swami Shankardev has some wonderful online courses that can contribute to 
Professional Development (PD) points. 

Yoga Australia Member Events and Workshop 
Yoga Australia Conference 16 – 18 March