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Latest EVENTS bulletin


Ongoing SYTA Networking Opportunities 

Havan and Kirtan:

New South Wales

Dundurrabin (near Dorrigo) 
Shakti Darshan
2nd Saturday of month 2.15pm to 4.30pm                               
T: 0448 879 642 

Coffs Coast                               
last Saturday of month 4.45pm to 7pm or 8.30pm      
E:  Chaitanya / Andrew / Usha

Manly Yoga
200 Pittwater Rd, Manly
1st Saturday of month 5.15pm to 7.15pm.
T: 02 9977 4725

Australian Capital Territory
The ACT Yoga and Meditation Centre, 
2 Cockle Street, O'Connor
1st Friday of month 7.15pm for 7.30pm start
T: 0439 884 458

Victoria Point, Bayside
monthly 4.30pm to 6pm
email for details
T: 07 3207 7366 

South Australia
Aldgate, SA                                                      
Mahamrityunjaya & Kirtan
Saturdays 11.30am to 1.30pm   
T: 08 8339 8443
Western Australia                 
Mount Lawley
Mahamrityunjaya & Kirtan
2nd Saturday of month 5.30pm to 8.15pm
T: 0419 872 715 

Mt Martha
Monthly Full Moon Havan Meditation and Kirtan
call or email for venue details
Dates: 7-9pm Wednesday 6th September
T: 03 5974 1288


Diabetes Support with Yoga and Ayurveda
Date: 2pm-5pm  Saturday 16th September
Venue: Clarence Natural Therapies, Suite 2 39 Prince St, Grafton
T:  Nityadrashta   0411 309 678

Manly Yoga
Be Here Now: Science of focusing the Mind with Dr Maarten Immink (Mantragyanam)
In this workshop, Dr Maarten Immink will provide an overview of recent scientific developments in how to train the mind to be more focused and present in the moment. This overview will include recent studies investigating the effects of mindfulness techniques on brain function from Dr Immink’s own research department.
Date 10am-5pm Sunday 15th October
Venue: Manly Yoga, 200 Pittwater Road, Manly
T: 02 9977 4725


Yoga For Life -
 Achieving Health, Wisdom & Contentment with James Crisp/Gautama

Yoga is more than physical exercise.  The ultimate goal is spiritual knowledge.  Life is a journey on many levels and yoga provides the means to develop our personality, so that we fulfil our creative potential and realise our life purpose.  This program will include yoga and meditation practice, relaxation and discussion of the philosophical basis of yoga.  
Date: 29th October
Venue: Blue Spirit Yoga Space
T: 0407 203 771

Rocklyn near Daylesford
Date: Sunday 1st October
AGM Meeting 9.30am to 11am followed by Yoga Nidra
Afternoon Program 1.30pm to 4.30pm themed
Awakening the Spirit Within with the Satyananda system of Yoga
Guest presenters: Rishi Nityabodhananda and Rishi Yoga Diwali
T: 0419 872 715

Mt Martha
The Pranayama Kosha and Prana Nidra with Suryamurti,  Gill Gordon
A more in depth look at prana.  Includes havan and Mahamritunjaya mantra for healing 
Date: 2 to 5.30pm Saturday 7th October 
Venue: Check for venue details 
03 5974 1288                                                


Alice Springs
Navaratri with Mahadevananda

Date: 6.30am to 7.30am each morning 21st to 28th September
Venue: Satyam Kutir Yoga Studio, 2 Crispe Street, Alice Springs
Recommended $5/person/day given to charitable cause on completion of anusthan.
T: 0408 527 172 for further details.


Yoga Practices for Healing & Renewal followed by Gong Sound Meditation
with Narda Salm, Dr June Henry and Leith James

A relaxing afternoon with yoga and sound for healing.
Date: Sunday 10th September starts 2.30pm Sharp for yoga practices and 4pm Sharp for gongs.

Venue:The Studio at the Top of the Range, 8b Herries Street, Toowoomba
T: 07 4639 2486


Deviot, Tamar Valley
Yoga & Mosiacs Retreat with Suzie Donkers & Belinda Cleaver
A combination of yoga classes, mosaic classes and delicious vegetarian food overlooking the Tamar River.
Date: 14th to 15th October
E: at Yoga and Art Retreats Tasmania
T: 0429 238 956

Western Creek
Women’s Yoga and Nuturing Retreat with Karunamitra
Date: 20th to 22nd October
Venue: Atma Darshan Yoga Centre, Western Creek, Northern Tasmania
T: 03 63678241

Maria Island National Park
Yoga & Basket Making with Suzie Donkers & Gwen Egg

A combination of yoga classes, basket making classes and delicious vegetarian food all on the amazing Maria Island.
Date: 10th to 12th November
E: at Yoga and Art Retreats Tasmania
T: 0429 238 956

Killiekrankie, Flinders Island
Meditation & Yoga Retreat with Swami Nivedita Saraswati

Date: 19-26 January 2018

T: 08 8339 8443


Rocklyn Ashram
Why Yoga Matters for your Memory with Dr Maartin Immink
Memory is fundamental to the human experience. Personality, emotion, learning, creativity, and activities of daily living are a few examples of our experiences that directly rely on memory. Our memory is highly dynamic as it is constantly being shaped by what we experience and how we interpret these experiences. In addition, our age, mood, health, stress and physical activity levels also influence memory function. Thus, in seeking solutions for how memory can be preserved or even enhanced across the lifespan, we must adopt a holistic perspective of memory whereby we consider biological, psychological and social factors.
Date: 15-17 September


Navaratri Retreat and Devi Puja with Swami Muktimurti
Chanting of the Devi Bhajans, morning havan mantras and the Durga Path will be lead by Sw. Muktimurti. Muktis ability to teach the mantras during Navaratri cultivates understanding and a deep inner experience during this time of auspiciousness and sadhana to overcome the obstacles in life.
Date: 20-30 September or 22-24 September

Special Event!

Satyananda Yoga Sadhana Retreat
Date: 01 – 05 October 2017
Fee $108 
(for standard shared accommodation or camping)
Inspired by a sankalpa and the enriching experience of the 2016 Celebration of Yoga, Tradition & Sangha, the Rocklyn Ashram welcomes Satyananda Yoga teachers and aspirants to again celebrate the jewels of yogic wisdom, yogic friendship and teachings in sharing 4 days of sadhana in the Satyananda Yoga tradition.
The Sadhana Retreat will enable you to attend a range of inspiring presentations and practical workshops by senior Satyananda teachers including Rishi Nityabodhananda, Rishi Yogadiwali, Swami Atmamuktananda and Swami Vimalratna.

Treasures of ashram life inspired by a traditional yogic culture:  kirtan, personal japa, reflectiveness, revitalise and appreciating the gift of sadhana supported by the environment of Rocklyn Ashram with other likeminded practitioners.
To enrol click here: 

One Month : Renew Your Direction: Revitalize & Transform
Date: 1-29 October
The purpose of Renew Your Direction: Revitalize & Transform: to live in the ashram for some time offers you the scope for enlarging your vision about yourself and about life. You begin to understand yourself better, which in itself is a great achievement because it is our misunderstanding of ourselves that leads us to disharmony. The 1 month retreat deeply encourages cultivating self motivation, developing or renewing direction in life and finding greater self understanding by engaging in the dynamic yoga lifestyle practised at Rocklyn Ashram.

Traditional Hatha Yoga Cleansing Practices
Date: 13-15 October

The Art of Mindful Living with Melli O'Brien

Date: 20-23 October

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat - Deepening Your Practice

Date: 27-29 October  


Living Consciously Retreats
1 week to 1 month
Alternative Way of Life: The purpose of Yoga and Ashram Life for Personal Self Transformation: to lift our minds from its present agitations and wasteful tendencies towards a greater goal of ample joy and fuller wisdom. Any 1 week to 1 month is open for Yogic Studies Students & Yoga Teachers and for those who have some experience of Ashram Life. 

Another opportunity to earn CPD points....
Invitation to all Satyananda Trained Yoga Teachers & Initiates

There will be several times during the year when teachers from Rocklyn Ashram travel to India. This will occur from October to December.

During this time, in particular, the skills and expertise of both teachers and initiates at Rocklyn would be greatly appreciated. It's also an opportunity for teachers and initiates to be part of Ashram life and to support the Ashram.

Teachers could utilise their teacher free week as part of their stay.

Some courses at Rocklyn Ashram are with 20% discount for SYTA Members. Please quote your SYTA membership number when booking.

03 5345 7434


Serpentine near Perth
Kriya Yoga & The Chakras That Drive You Retreat with Sw Muktibodhananda
During the weekend you will look at the basic driving force of each chakra and bring balance to the system through Kriya Yoga, Yoga Nidra and self analysis.
Earlybird rate available until 8th September.
Date: 3rd to 5th November
Venue: Serpentine Retreat Centre
T: 0419 872 715

Mangrove Creek
Yoga Relax Retreat with Chetana
Enjoy a Yoga Relax Retreat with like-minded friends where you’ll explore yoga practices that get you out of your head and into your heart. A weekend of yoga that harmonises the relationship between the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the self ~ total bliss…..
:  17 - 19 November 2017 
  Mangrove Yoga
T:  0435 549 108 




Golden Bay
Explore Your "Self" Retreat with Swami Karma Karuna
Active immersion in the daily life of a yoga retreat through Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Karma Yoga, Mantra and group discussions imbued with daily themes to encourage self-connection. Or stay on for our 6 week Yogic Life Skills program.  

Dates: 4 – 10 September, 
2 – 8 October, 6 – 12 November, 4 – 10 December 2017

Hatha Yoga & Detox with Swami Karma Karuna & Nityatma

In this retreat learn Hatha Yoga, traditional detox cleansing practices, and mindfulness and mantra meditations to activate and purify the body and mind. Also, gain modern nutritional tools to support healthy eating, strong digestive powers and balanced body systems and mental states.
Date: 14 – 17 September 2017

10 Day Transformative Chanting Retreat with Anahata Teachers
Join us for Navaratri in dedicating ourselves to a period of Mantra Meditation integrated with other balancing yoga and relaxation practices. Give yourself time for self exploration and transformation.
Date: 21-30 September

Yoga Nidra Instructors Training & Yoga Nidra Restorative Immersion
Sw Karma Karuna, Sn Pragyadhara and Sn Atmabhava
9-Day residential - Total 100 Hours - including 3 months training package, or a personal restorative immersion option (5 days). A professional development course designed for yoga teachers, health and education professionals and or anybody interested in a yogic immersion focused on relaxation techniques. Explore tools to systematically address the tensions in the body, mind and emotions, inducing a deep state of relaxation.
Date: 17 – 26 Nov (9 days) and 17 – 22 Nov (5 days) 2017


Spring Yoga Refresh Retreat with Anahata teachers
Treat yourself and come to enjoy Anahata's spectacular natural surroundings, nourishing food, low technology enviorment and yoga and relaxation practices to refresh and revive yourself this Labour Weekend.
Date: 20-23 October

Christmas Yoga Refresh Retreat
An opportunity to refresh and revive yourself before the busy Christmas season arrives!
Date: 15-17 December                      

For more details on any of these New Zealand retreats please contact:
64 3 525 9887


Rikkhia, Munger, Kolkata
Indian Retreats
 with Sw Karma Karuna and Sw Yogamani
A one month long guided retreat in India, incorporating a 10 day Chakra Sadhana retreat & 7 day Prana Vidya retreat. Guided from Kolkata with a short ashram stay at Munger on the return from Rikkhia.
Shorter options include: 10 day Chakra Sadhana Retreat 1 – 10 October and 7 day Prana Vidya Retreat 12 – 18 Oct
Date: 29th Sept to 25th Oct 2017
Venue: Ashrams at Rikkhia and Munger
64 3 5259887


Marrakech and beyond
Yoga and Yantra tour with 
Valerie Crosse (Vandana)
Practice Yoga Asanas & Yoga Nidra deep relaxation & meditation techniques. Create Mandalas and Yantras inspired by the colours & patterns of Morocco. Explore the sublime landscape of Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains & Sahara. Enjoy the delights of the food, arts & music of Morocco!
Date: Tour begins in Morocco on 13th November until 22nd November
 Travelling with a small group of like-minded people the tour offers an innovative and creative way to explore a new place that is stimulating, supportive and safe.
0447 779 487

Other CPD Opportunities:

Online Via SYTA Website:
Teaching Yoga for Addictions & Recovery - 4 CPD pts
….see link on SYTA Members page.

Dr Swami Shankardev has some wonderful online courses that can contribute to 
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Mangrove Yoga, NSW

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